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Alternate Dispute Resolution

ADR Services


Paul L. Cummings ADR Services


             Paul L. Cummings ADR Services provides mediation and arbitration services for all insurance and tort-related claims, including motor vehicle accidents, professional liability, general liability, and products liability claims.  Mr. Cummings has been a trial attorney, practicing in all of the courts of the Commonwealth, for over forty years.  He is highly regarded as an able evaluator of claims and a respected voice of reason and experience by counsel for both plaintiffs and defendants, as well as by members of the insurance claims community.  He has tried dozens of cases, and has been responsible for resolving over one hundred cases a year for the past 20 years as the senior member of his successful firm.


Mr. Cummings is a trained mediator and experienced arbitrator, with experience both through the American Arbitration Association and privately for a number of attorneys and insurers.


Location:  Cummings, King & Mac Donald is located at One Gateway Center, Newton Corner, Massachusetts, on the Massachusetts Turnpike at Exit 17.  Conveniently situated 10 minutes from downtown Boston and Route 128 via the Massachusetts Turnpike, the office is readily accessible to both downtown and Greater Boston law firms, insurers and clients.  The offices include two conference rooms for private sessions.


Fees:  For parties of two, a fee of $300 per hour, to be shared by the parties, will be charged for the time of the hearing or mediation.  For parties of three or more, a fee of $500 per hour, to be shared by the parties, will be charged for the time of the hearing or mediation. Travel time and written awards will be billed at the same rate.  The fee encompasses administrative costs. 


Scheduling:  Please call (617) 630-5100 and ask for Martha Roberts in order to schedule any Alternative Dispute proceeding at our offices.  You may speak to Mr. Cummings directly if you have any questions regarding the services he offers.